Will Heaven Be Boring?

041. Bobby’s BIG Announcement.
November 11, 2019
042. An Honest Discussion: The Church and Mental Illness.
November 18, 2019

We’ve all heard the descriptions of heaven being a place where we will float on clouds, play a harp, and inherit our own set of wings. Fortunately, all three of those descriptions are dead wrong. First, we won’t float on clouds. Second, everyone won’t play a harp. And third, no believer will inherit a set of wings. Wings are for angels, and the last time I checked, humans aren’t angels. It’s cheesy descriptions like this that make heaven seem so dreadful and unappealing. Throw in the idea of heaven lasting forever, and our minds can really start to reel. We may think, At some point heaven will surely become boring.

Just the other night my wife, Heather, confessed her struggle to understand heaven. She expressed the difficulty she has with the idea of forever. It’s hard for her to imagine an environment being so wonderful and so perfect that she’d want to live there forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. The very idea of forever messes with her head, and heaven will be a forever place. While I won’t pretend to know a lot about heaven (because I don’t, nor do I think anyone does), I will say that heaven will be far from boring.

Heaven will be like the party you never wanted to leave, and guess what—you won’t have to. And better yet, you won’t want to leave. Thinking of heaven that way helps me to understand how I could exist in a forever place without growing weary. Besides, who wouldn’t want to exist forever in a place with God, angels, redeemed family, friends, and fellow believers all accompanied with perfect health, joy, and peace, with no guilt or sin, not even sadness, but just an eternal state of completion and ultimate satisfaction.

That description barely scratches the surface, but it’s enough for me to see that with that kind of fulfillment, heaven will be far from boring. And Heather agrees.