January 22, 2011

65. Hugh Ross – Book of Nature?

Dr. Hugh Ross explains the “Book of Nature”.
November 12, 2010

64. Mike Licona – Resurrection of Jesus Book Review.

Mike Licona tells us a little about his new book “The Resurrection of Jesus”.
November 10, 2010

63. Mike Licona – Biased Gospels?

Special Guest Mike Licona answers the question “Are the Gospel writers biased?” Hear Mike talk us through this idea.
November 10, 2010

62. Mike Licona – When were Gospels Written?

Special Guest Mike Licona tells us when the Gospels were written. For more info please visit
November 9, 2010

61. Mike Licona – Contradictions in Bible?

Are there contradictions in the Bible, and if so, how do you explain them?
November 9, 2010

60. Anthony Bradley – Philanthropy & Standing Out

Special Guest Anthony Bradley answers the question “How do we as Christians stand out among others who are equally doing philanthropy?
November 9, 2010

59. Anthony Bradley – Gospel AND Social Justice?

Is is possible to hold true to the Gospel AND to Social Justice? Or is it an either or issue? Hear special guest Anthony Bradley explain this situation for us. For more info, please visit
November 9, 2010

58. Anthony Bradley – Black Liberation Theology?

Hear special guest Dr. Anthony Bradley define Black Liberation Theology. For more information visit
November 9, 2010

57. Warren Smith – World Magazine?

We ask our special guest Warren Cole Smith “Why is it important to read World Magazine? Can it help us apologetically?” For more information, please visit
November 9, 2010

56. Warren Smith – Christian Worldview?

We ask our special guest Warren Cole Smith from World Magazine “What exactly is a Christian Worldview?” For more info on our guest, please visit or
October 29, 2010

55. Michael Brown – How to witness to a Jew

In his 4th episode, Dr Michael Brown answers the question, “How can I witness to a Jew?” For more info, please visit
October 29, 2010

54. Michael Brown – Homosexual Forgiveness

Dr. Michael Brown answers the question, “How can we go about reaching the homosexual community with the love of Christ, and do we need to ask forgiveness for how the church has treated them?
October 29, 2010

53. Michael Brown – Leviticus Laws & Homosexuality

Our guest Dr. Michael Brown of answers the question about homosexuality and laws from the book of Leviticus.
October 29, 2010

52. Michael Brown – Jewish Salvation?

We ask our special guest Dr. Michael Brown from the question, “Can a Jew be saved?”
October 29, 2010

51. John Stonestreet – Euthanasia?

John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries joins us again, answering the question “What should a Christian’s position be on euthanasia?” For more info please visit
October 29, 2010

50. John Stonestreet – Do we hunger for truth today?

Executive Director of Summit Ministries John Stonestreet fills us in on how we really do hunger for truth in today’s age of information. For more info please visit
October 29, 2010

49. Frank Turek – What is Apologetics?

Special Guest Dr. Frank Turek helps explain what Apologetics is and why we have it. For more info, DVDs and more, visit
October 29, 2010

48. Frank Turek – Science doesn’t say anything…

Is it a debate over evidence? Or philosophy? Dr. Frank Turek explains how science really doesn’t say anything, scientists do. For more information, DVDs and more, visit
October 28, 2010

47. Dinesh D’Souza – Presidential Support?

Special Guest Dinesh D’Souza answers the question “How do you support a president you don’t support?” For more information, visit
October 28, 2010

46. Erwin Lutzer – Why is Jesus the only one qualified?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ is presented in the Bible as the only one qualified to bring us into God’s presence? Hear special guest Dr. Erwin Lutzer answer this question. For more info please visit