April 26, 2013

262. What Is Evil?

Norman Geisler describes the nature of evil to Bobby.
April 25, 2013

261. Why Is Logic So Important?

Norman Geisler discusses the importance of logic.
April 24, 2013

260. How Can We Be Sure The Right Books Got Into The Bible?

Dr. Geisler shares with Bobby how Christians can be sure of the canon of Scripture.
April 23, 2013

259. How Do We Know The Bible Is Historically Accurate?

Norman Geisler talks to Bobby about how we can know the Bible is historically accurate.
April 22, 2013

258. What Is The I.C.B.I. Statement?

Norman Geisler discusses the purpose behind the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy, its statement and its worldwide acceptance.
April 19, 2013

257. Is The Bible Without Error In Science and History?

Dr. Norman Geisler shares how the inerrancy of the Bible relates to science and history.
April 18, 2013

256. Did Jesus Affirm The Apocrypha?

Dr. Geisler talks about Jesus’ relationship to the Apocrypha and whether it is truly inspired.
April 17, 2013

255. How Do We Know The Bible Is Inerrant?

Bobby talks to Norman Geisler about how we know the Bible is inerrant.
April 16, 2013

254. What Does It Mean That The Bible Is Inerrant?

Dr. Norman Geisler shares with Bobby the definition of inerrancy and how the Bible fits the description.
April 15, 2013

253. The Norman Geisler Interview

Bobby interviews Dr. Norman Geisler in the OMA studio.
April 12, 2013

The One Minute Apologist Vision Video

The One Minute Apologist exists to provide Christians with credible answers to curious questions.
April 5, 2013

251. How To Develop An Appetite For Bible Study

Bobby share how to cultivate a appetite for studying the Bible.
April 4, 2013

252. How To Study The Bible: Application

Bobby talks about a vital step in Bible study: application.
April 2, 2013

250. How To Study The Bible: Interpretation

Bobby talks about rules regarding biblical interpretation.
April 1, 2013

249. How To Study The Bible: Observations

Bobby shares O.B.S.E.R.V.A.T.I.O.N.S. on Bible study.
March 30, 2013

248. Why Should I Study The Bible?

Bobby talks about how critical it is for the Christian to study God’s word.
March 26, 2013

247. What Is The Difference Between The Infilling And The Indwelling Of The Holy Spirit?

Hank contrasts these two important facets of the work of the Holy Spirit.
March 25, 2013

246. Is Speaking In Tongues The Evidence Of The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit?

Hank clarifies the evidence of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling in the life of the believer.
March 23, 2013

244. Must I Forgive Those Who Refuse My Forgiveness?

Hank talks to Bobby about forgiveness as a a two-way street.
March 22, 2013

245. What Does It Mean That The Holy Spirit Is In You?

Hank talks about the relation and location of the Holy Spirit.