October 29, 2013

375. What Do Christians Need To Know About Muslims?

Nabeel Qureshi shares what Christians need to know about Muslims and the Muslim faith.
October 28, 2013

374. Are Muslims Getting Saved Through Dreams And Visions?

Nabeel Qureshi responds to the question as to whether Muslims are receiving dreams and visions from Jesus with his own testimony.
October 25, 2013

373. What Is The Main Issue Between Christians And Muslims In Apologetics?

Nabeel Qureshi addresses the key issue Christians need to be aware of in apologetics to Muslims.
October 24, 2013

372. How Can We Be Pro-Life?

Julie shares how Christians live out pro-life beliefs.
October 23, 2013

371. How Do We Prevent People From Having Abortions?

Julie Beyel deeply loves moms and their unborn babies and has dedicated herself to changing minds for life.
October 22, 2013

370. Does The Bible Command Us To Redistribute Wealth?

Dr. Craig Mitchell articulates whether or not the Bible calls the Christian to redistribute wealth.
October 21, 2013

369. Should Christians Be Engaged In Economics?

Dr. Craig Mitchell shares regarding Christians’ relationship to economics.
October 18, 2013

368. How Do We Share The Gospel With A Seeker?

Os Guinness shares the four stages of a seeker.
October 17, 2013

367. How Do We Share The Gospel With A Close-Minded Person?

Os Guinness talks about drawing out those who are not open to the Gospel.
October 16, 2013

366. How Can The Christian Vision Help Society To Thrive?

Os Guinness articulates how Christian faith has contributed to society at large.
October 15, 2013

365. How Can A Christian Deal With Doubt?

Os Guinness explains the nature of doubt and how to overcome it.
October 10, 2013

364. Is Same Sex Marriage Wrong Apart From The Bible?

Is there a good reason to oppose same-sex marriage apart from the Bible? Frank Turek answers.
October 9, 2013

363. Are Scribal Variations In The Gospels A Problem?

J. Warner Wallace our ability to understand the message of the Gospels by distinguishing artifacts from evidence.
October 8, 2013

362. Can Apologetics Mess Up Your Spiritual Life?

Mary Jo Sharp talks about the impact of apologetics on the Christian life.
October 4, 2013

360. Does Causality Apply To The Beginning Of The Universe?

What all does causality apply to? Frank Turek answers.
October 3, 2013

359. Is God Necessary For Meaning In Life?

May Jo Sharp weighs in on the meaning of life.
October 2, 2013

358. Why Doesn’t The Bible Talk About Dinosaurs?

Frank Turek talks about the lack of dino-talk in the Bible.
October 1, 2013

357. How Do We Tackle The Problem Of Evil?

Mary Jo Sharp gives three tips for approaching the problem of evil.
September 30, 2013

356. What If Someone Is Offended By Us Sharing Our Faith?

Brett Kunkle shares a strategy for approaching offense while sharing Christ.
September 27, 2013

355. The Frank Turek Interview

Frank Turek shares his story and entrance into apologetics.