December 1, 2015

821. How Do We Deal With Doubt?

Barnabas Piper instructs those who struggle with doubt on how to deal with it.
November 30, 2015

820. Can Doubt Bear Fruit?

Barnabas Piper tells us the difference between harmful doubt and helpful doubt.
November 24, 2015

819. Is There Age-Based Doubt?

Barnabas Piper describes what kind of doubt can affect different age groups.
November 23, 2015

818. What Factors Are Contributing To People’s Doubt?

Barnabas Piper explains how, by and large, certainty is no longer accepted in today’s culture which contributes to people’s doubt.
November 20, 2015

817. Why Is The Church So Uncomfortable With Questions?

Barnabas Piper clarifies why at times the church doesn’t want to deal with difficult questions.
November 19, 2015

816. How Does Unbelief Express Itself?

Barnabas Piper explains the different ways unbelief can manifest itself.
November 18, 2015

815. How Do We Come To Terms With Mystery?

Barnabas Piper tells us how we can better deal with the mysteries of God.
November 17, 2015

814. What’s The Difference Between Believing And Knowing?

Christian author and speaker Barnabas Piper sits down with Bobby to discuss whether or not believing and knowing are the same thing.
November 16, 2015

813. Why Is The Ice Age Cycle Important For The Gospel?

Astronomer Hugh Ross explains how the ice age cycle and the spread of the Gospel connect.
November 13, 2015

812. What Does The Quran Teach About Jesus?

Jonathan McLatchie points out the similarities between the Quran and the gnostic gospels in their descriptions of Jesus.
November 12, 2015

811. Were Adam And Eve Real?

Fuz Rana explains how we are on solid ground to believe Adam and Eve existed.
November 11, 2015

810. Was Jesus A Myth?

Lenny Esposito examines the faulty arguments of those who question Jesus’ existence.
November 10, 2015

809. What’s The Idea Of The Blind Watchmaker?

Biochemist Fuz Rana points out the error in Richard Dawkins’ “The Blind Watchmaker.”
November 9, 2015

808. What Is Specified Complexity?

Jonathan McLatchie describes specified complexity to us.
November 6, 2015

807. What Is The Watchmaker Argument?

Biochemist Fazale (Fuz) Rana explains a tried and true argument for God’s existence.
November 4, 2015

806. What Does Forrest Gump Have To Do With The Gospels?

Lenny Esposito explains what the film Forrest Gump has to do with the reliability of the Gospels.
November 3, 2015

805. Why Are You Trying To Reach College Professors?

Corey Miller, president of Ratio Christi explains why his organization is trying to reach college professors for Christ.
November 2, 2015

804. Who Wrote The Gospels?

Jonathan McLatchie tells us how the four gospels came to be.
October 30, 2015

803. Why Is Apologetics Important For College Students?

Corey Miller explains why apologetics is so important for students entering into or attending college.
October 29, 2015

802. Is The Transmission Of The Bible Like The Telephone Game?

Lenny Esposito looks at whether or not comparing the transmission of the Bible to the telephone game is valid.