March 3, 2019

006. What Do Christians Do When Jehovah Witnesses Come Knocking?

September 7, 2016

907. What’s The Best Christian Worldview Camp?

Bobby tells us about a wonderful option for a college prep camp that teaches Christian worldview.
January 19, 2016

844. Can Apologetics And Comedy Go Together?

Comedian Brad Stine tells us how he utilizes comedy for an effective Christian apologetic.
May 17, 2013

276. What Is Panentheism?

Norman Geisler sheds some light on the world-view of panentheism.
May 14, 2013

273. What Do Hindus Believe?

Norman Geisler explains the varying world-views of the Hindu faith.
October 6, 2012

175. Why Is It Important For Christians To Understand The Secular Landscape?

Mark Mittelberg explains to the One Minute Apologist why Christians should understand the surrounding culture.
April 25, 2012

Hell Yes, Hell No? Seminar

Bobby Conway, Lead Pastor of Life Fellowship Church and the One Minute Apologist, delivers a powerful message of the truth about Hell. This rebuttal to Rob Bell’s book Love Wins has a subtitle of “A Conversation about Love Wins, Rob Bell and why you should give a rip.”
March 14, 2012

161. Where Do We Not Want to Be Ignorant? With J. Thomas Bridges

Special guest J. Thomas Bridges from Southern Evangelical Seminary joins us and helps us as Christians to know where we don’t need to be ignorant.
November 29, 2011

160. What is the Occult? With Richard Howe

With world religions and cults, a third term to define is the “occult”. Dr. Richard Howe helps us understand the occult and it’s doctrines.
November 29, 2011

159. What Do Buddhists Believe? With Richard Howe

Special Guest Dr. Richard Howe returns and helps us understand what Buddhists believe.
November 29, 2011

158. What do Muslim’s Believe? With Richard Howe

In this episode we ask special guest Dr. Richard Howe “What do Muslim’s Believe?” Stay tuned for more quick answers in upcoming episodes.
November 29, 2011

157. What Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe? With Richard Howe

Special Guest Dr. Richard Howe returns and we ask him the question “What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe?”