October 2, 2009

3. Tense?

The One Minute Apologist examines the importance of tenses to clarify our theological doctrine.
October 2, 2009

4. Are People Good?

Are we good? Are we better than others?
October 12, 2009

5. Is A Christian Saved By Works?

Are we saved by works? By faith?
November 2, 2009

8. Is Jesus the Only Way?

Is Jesus the only way to get to heaven?
November 9, 2010

58. Anthony Bradley – Black Liberation Theology?

Hear special guest Dr. Anthony Bradley define Black Liberation Theology. For more information visit dranthonybradley.com
November 9, 2010

59. Anthony Bradley – Gospel AND Social Justice?

Is is possible to hold true to the Gospel AND to Social Justice? Or is it an either or issue? Hear special guest Anthony Bradley explain this situation for us. For more info, please visit dranthonybradley.com
November 9, 2010

60. Anthony Bradley – Philanthropy & Standing Out

Special Guest Anthony Bradley answers the question “How do we as Christians stand out among others who are equally doing philanthropy?
March 4, 2011

80. Could Jesus Have Sinned?

Bobby Conway answers the question Could Jesus Have Sinned?
May 10, 2011

100. Is God an Angry God?

The One Minute Apologist answers the question “Is God an Angry God?” We’ve all heard people say “How can you serve an angry God?” But we then ask…. Recommended book: “The Holiness of God” by RC Sproul.
May 18, 2011

103. Is God Unjust Because He Allows Suffering?

The One Minute Apologist asks special guest Mike Mason the question “Is God Unjust Because He Allows Suffering?” Recommended book: “Wandering in Darkness” by Eleonore Stump:
July 13, 2011

116. Is Jesus the Passover Lamb?

The One Minute Apologist asks the question, “Is Jesus the Passover Lamb?” Recommended book: “The Messiah in the Old Testament” by Walter C. Kaiser. http://www.amazon.com/Messiah-Old-Testament-Walter-Kaiser/dp/031020030X
July 13, 2011

117. How Do We Love God? With Simon Brace.

Special Guest Simon Brace joins us once again and answers the question “How do we Love God?” Recommended Book: “Love God with All Your Mind” by J.P. Moreland. http://www.amazon.com/Love-Your-God-All-Mind/dp/1576830160