April 26, 2016

885. What Is Eschatology?

Bobby explains the study of the end times.
April 27, 2016

886. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of 1 John?

Bobby dives into the first of John’s three epistles which tells us the marks of a true believer.
April 28, 2016

887. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of 2 John?

Bobby looks at John’s short, passionate epistle that implores the Church to walk in truth, love and discernment.
April 29, 2016

888. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of 3 John?

Bobby takes a look at the last of John’s three epistles, this one showing us how a church rises or falls on its leadership.
May 2, 2016

889. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of Jude?

Bobby opens up the book of Jude which calls believers to hold fast to truth and discernment.
May 3, 2016

890. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of Revelation?

Bobby delves into the book of Revelation, John’s telling of a vision he received from the Lord Jesus Christ.
May 4, 2016

891. What Is Angelology?

Bobby describes to us the systematic study of angels and demons.
May 5, 2016

892. What Is Bibliology?

Bobby tells us about the systematic study of the Bible.
May 6, 2016

893. What Is Anthropology?

Bobby unpacks the systematic study of mankind.
May 10, 2016

894. What Is Hamartiology?

Bobby describes to us the systematic study of sin.
May 18, 2016

895. What Role Does Character Play For The Apologist?

Bobby elucidates on how our walk should match our talk as Christian apologists.
May 19, 2016

896. Why Did Jesus Not Know When He Would Return?

Bobby answers the question many Christians have: “If Jesus is God, why did He not know when He would return?”