Norman Geisler

March 17, 2011

85. Norman Geisler – How I got into Apologetics.

Special Guest Dr. Norman L. Geisler joins us and tells us a little about how he got into doing apologetics over 50 years ago.
March 17, 2011

86. Geisler – Key apologetic issues of our time?

In the interest of starting apologetics, Bobby Conway asks special guest Dr. Norman Geisler the question “What are the key apologetic issues of our time?”
March 18, 2011

87. Do all religions lead to God? | Norman Geisler

Bobby Conway asks our special guest Dr. Norman L. Geisler “Do All Religions Lead to God?”
April 5, 2011

90. Geisler – Truth & Relativism?

In light of John 18, Bobby Conway asks special guest Dr. Norman Geisler what truth is in light of relativism.
April 6, 2011

91. Geisler – Is the Bible Reliable?

We ask special guest Dr. Norman Geisler the question “Is the Bible reliable?”
April 14, 2011

92. Geisler – The Occult?

The One Minute Apologist asks special guest Dr. Norman Geisler “What is the Occult?”
April 14, 2011

93. Geisler – Are Mormons Christians?

Our first question to special guest Dr. Norman Geisler is “Are Mormons Christians?” but the greater question is asked “Can you be a Christian and deny most of the Christian doctrines?”
June 3, 2011

107. Is the God of Islam the God of Christianity?

Special guest Dr. Norman Geisler answers the question “Is the God of Islam the God of Christianity?”
July 2, 2011

114. Any Evidence for Resurrection of People in Matthew 27? With Norman Geisler

Dr. Norman Geisler returns to answer the question “Is there any evidence for the resurrection of the people in Matthew Chapter 27?” Recommended book “Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics” by Norman Geisler
July 2, 2011

115. Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a Cult?

Dr. Norman Geisler returns again and gives his knowledge to the question “Are Jehovah’s Witnesses a Cult?” Recommended Book “Conviction Without Compromise” by Norman Geisler & Ron Rhodes:
April 15, 2013

253. The Norman Geisler Interview

Bobby interviews Dr. Norman Geisler in the OMA studio.
April 16, 2013

254. What Does It Mean That The Bible Is Inerrant?

Dr. Norman Geisler shares with Bobby the definition of inerrancy and how the Bible fits the description.