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June 27, 2013

303. What Do You Do In Addition To The One Minute Apologist?

Is the One Minute Apologist a full-time gig?
April 25, 2012

A Conversation About The Emergent Church

Bobby Conway, The One Minute Apologist, gives a seminar at Life Fellowship on the Emergent Church movement.
March 28, 2011

88. Word of Faith Movement?

Bobby Conway addresses the Word of Faith movement, its teachers, beliefs, and doctrines and dangers.
March 16, 2011

84. Is the God of the NT & OT the same?

Bobby Conway answers the question “Is the God of the New Testament the same God in the Old Testament?”
March 7, 2011

83. What are the marks of a cult?

Bobby Conway helps explain the marks of a cult and how to identify those around you.
March 7, 2011

82. Does Prophecy confirm that Jesus is the Messiah?

Bobby Conway answers the question “Does Prophecy confirm that Jesus is the Messiah?” He uses a great example of the ability to fulfill only 8 of the prophecies, let along all 300 of them.
March 4, 2011

81. Is Jesus God?

Dr Bobby Conway answers the question “Is Jesus God?”
February 23, 2011

79. The Emergent Church on SIN

Dr. Bobby Conway explains the Emergent Church’s viewpoint on the doctrine of sin.
February 23, 2011

78. More on Polygamy

Dr. Bobby Conway responds in detail to viewer’s questions on Episode 73 about Polygamy.
February 23, 2011

77. How do we live the 5th Gospel?

In a follow-up to episode 75, Dr. Bobby Conway gives us examples on how to be a living apologetic for Jesus Christ with our lives.
February 16, 2011

76. The Emergent Church’s Gospel?

Dr. Bobby Conway answers the question “How does the Emergent Church define the Gospel?”
February 7, 2011

75. The 5th Gospel?

Bobby Conway helps explain how we don’t need to just defend our faith with our words, but that we need to be a living apologetic for Jesus Christ with our lives.