Jesus …

November 4, 2011

149. Why Do We Need Apologetics in the Local Church? With Harold Hansen

With guest Harold Hansen.
November 14, 2011

152. Dr. William Lane Craig’s UK Tour

Dr. Craig returns and gives us an update of his event filled UK tour that he recently completed.
October 3, 2012

168. Was Jesus Married?

World renowned resurrection expert Gary Habermas talks to Bobby Conway and answers the question, “Was Jesus Married?”
October 4, 2012

170. Did Jesus Rise From The Dead Or Are We Delusional?

Delusion, hallucination or historical reality? Gary Habermas addresses the veracity of the resurrection with Bobby Conway.
April 11, 2016

874. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of Philemon?

Bobby takes a look at Paul’s prison epistle of reconciliation.
September 1, 2016

904. Did Jesus Come To Bring War?

Taking a look at Matthew 10, Bobby answers whether or not Jesus came to bring war to the world.
November 17, 2018

973. Is Jesus Relevant Today?

Ryan Crews informs us on why Millennials should take the teachings of Jesus seriously. Check out
November 19, 2018

974. What If A Student Says To You That Jesus Never Existed?

Apologist Don Quintana gives an answer to students who are skeptical about the existence of Jesus. Check out
November 20, 2018

975. How Do We Make A Case For The Resurrection?

Apologist Ryan Leasure explains how one can make a clear case for Jesus’ resurrection. Check out
November 21, 2018

976. Do We Have A Duty To Give A Reason For Our Faith?

Bobby sits down with J. Warner Wallace who instructs us on how to give a reason for the hope that is within us. Check out
November 27, 2018

978. How Do We Equip Students For Evangelism?

J. Warner Wallace instructs us on the difference between teaching and training when it comes to equipping students for evangelism. Check out
November 28, 2018

979. How Can Christians Increase Their Impact?

Bobby asks J. Warner Wallace how we as Christians can impact the culture. Check out