Jesus …

October 2, 2009

2. Is Jesus a Created Being?

The One Minute Apologist answers the question “Was Jesus a created being?” Learn what Jehovah’s Witnesses use to prove that he is, and how we as Christians can respond.
November 2, 2009

8. Is Jesus the Only Way?

Is Jesus the only way to get to heaven?
November 9, 2009

9. What About Those Who’ve Never Heard?

What about those who have never heard about Jesus? Can they be saved?
November 18, 2009

10. Understanding New Atheism | Dinesh D’Souza

The One Minute Apologist interviews Special Guest Dinesh D’Souza, who helps us understand the distinctives of the new atheism and how we need to be equipped as Christians to handle that.
November 18, 2009

11. With Kay Arthur – Recapture Passion for God’s Word

What do we need to do in our culture to recapture our passion for God’s Word? The One Minute Apologist interviews special guest Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries.
November 18, 2009

12. With Mike Licona – The Resurrection

The One Minute Apologist interviews special guest Mike Licona, about the facts and evidence behind the Resurrection of Christ. Just taking the facts without assumption of the Bible….. proving that the Resurrection really happened.
November 19, 2009

13. With Mike Licona – The Bible vs the Qur’an

The One Minute Apologist asks special guest Mike Licona what he would say to a Muslim if he had a minute. Mike Licona looks only at historical evidence to see which book…..
November 30, 2009

14. With Gary Habermas – The Resurrection

Dr. Gary Habermas, one of the world’s leading experts on the Resurrection of Christ, tells us what he would do if he had a brief amount of time to defend the Resurrection.
November 30, 2009

15. With William Lane Craig – New Atheism

Dr. William Lane Craig, renowned scholar and philosopher, helps us understand the intrigue behind the new atheism and Richard Dawkins.
November 30, 2009

16. With Peter Kreeft – Desire

Join The One Minute Apologist and Dr. Peter Kreeft, a world renowned scholar and philosopher, as they discuss how desire points us to God.
November 30, 2009

17. With Greg Koukl – Intolerance

How can we answer people when they say that we are intolerant? See great advice given by author Greg Koukl.
November 30, 2009

18. With Dave Sterrett – Oprah’s Spirituality

Dave Sterrett quickly unpacks what we need to know about Oprah’s spirituality from his new book.