Jesus Christ (Deity)

October 28, 2010

46. Erwin Lutzer – Why is Jesus the only one qualified?

Have you ever wondered why Jesus Christ is presented in the Bible as the only one qualified to bring us into God’s presence? Hear special guest Dr. Erwin Lutzer answer this question. For more info please visit
March 4, 2011

80. Could Jesus Have Sinned?

Bobby Conway answers the question Could Jesus Have Sinned?
June 30, 2011

113. Spoofs of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

In the 2nd of two episodes, The One Minute Apologist gives us spoofs for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Recommended book “Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Figment? A Debate between William Lane Craig & Gerd Ludemann” by Paul Copan:
October 29, 2011

146. Is Jesus Christ the Messiah of Isaiah 53? With Dr. Michael Brown

With Special Guest Dr. Michael Brown of
October 29, 2011

147. Other Prophecies that show that Jesus is the Messiah? With Dr. Michael Brown.

With Special Guest Dr. Michael Brown of
October 3, 2012

168. Was Jesus Married?

World renowned resurrection expert Gary Habermas talks to Bobby Conway and answers the question, “Was Jesus Married?”
October 6, 2012

171. Did Jesus Ever Talk About Homosexuality?

Bobby Conway asks leading evangelism strategist, Mark Mittelberg, if Jesus ever addressed the issue of homosexuality.
January 9, 2013

196. Did Jesus Heal Two Blind Men?

How many blind men were healed? Bobby Conway addresses this apologetic issue in the synoptic Gospels.
January 28, 2013

208. How Do I Reach The World For Jesus Christ?

Bobby shares how to REACH the world for Jesus Christ.
February 7, 2013

215. What Did Jesus Say About Homosexuality?

Is it true that Jesus skirted this important issue? Bobby shares how we can know where Christ stands on this controversial issue.
March 1, 2013

230. Who Is Jesus According to Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Bobby talks about how Jehovah’s Witnesses define the person Jesus Christ.
March 15, 2013

239. Who’s Greater: Jesus Or Buddha?

Bobby compares the people and claims of Jesus and Buddha.