August 19, 2011

125. Tips for Doing Apologetics? Part 8 with Mike Licona

Special guest Dr. Mike Licona gives us tips in this episode on how to interact with those who disagree with us and our beliefs. Is there more than just having an answer? What if you are asked a question and you don’t have an answer? Watch now for great tips […]
August 21, 2011

126. Have the Gospels Lost Credibility? Part 9 with Mike Licona

Dr. Mike Licona joins us again and argues the claim that “you can’t trust the Gospels of the New Testament because they are based on oral tradition; that the Gospels lost credibility from when the words were first spoken to when they were written down”. Watch to hear how Licona […]
August 21, 2011

127. Evidence for Eyewitness Testimony? Part 10 with Mike Licona

In the final episode of this series, Dr. Mike Licona is asked the question “What evidence is there that the Gospels contain eyewitness testimony?” Watch now to hear his response. Thanks to Dr. Mike Licona for being with us on the One Minute Apologist.
April 25, 2012

Hell Yes, Hell No? Seminar

Bobby Conway, Lead Pastor of Life Fellowship Church and the One Minute Apologist, delivers a powerful message of the truth about Hell. This rebuttal to Rob Bell’s book Love Wins has a subtitle of “A Conversation about Love Wins, Rob Bell and why you should give a rip.”
October 6, 2012

173. What Are Some Tips For Sharing The Gospel?

Mark Mittelberg presents keys to effectively sharing one’s faith.
October 18, 2013

368. How Do We Share The Gospel With A Seeker?

Os Guinness shares the four stages of a seeker.
December 3, 2013

398. Are The Gospels Written By Eyewitnesses?

J. Warner Wallace talks about the eyewitness testimony of the Gospel writers.
February 6, 2014

432. Do The Gospel Accounts Disagree?

J. Warner Wallace resolves the challenge of apparent discrepancies in the Gospel accounts.
January 26, 2016

849. How Do We Love Our Neighbor?

Warren Smith explains how loving our neighbor can look and what a powerful witness it can be. Visit http://restoringallthings.org .
January 28, 2016

851. Can We Use Mediums To Communicate The Gospel?

Warren Smith explains how media can be used to communicate the Gospel but is no substitute for relationship with Jesus and others.
January 29, 2016

852. Why Are Stories So Powerful?

Warren Smith explains the power of story as a tool in communicating the Gospel. Visit http://restoringallthings.org .
April 11, 2016

874. 66 Books: What Is The Message Of Philemon?

Bobby takes a look at Paul’s prison epistle of reconciliation.