June 20, 2011

111. Simple Strategy to Evangelize a Muslim? With Guest Simon Brace.

Special Guest Simon Brace returns with a simple strategy on how to evangelize to a Muslim in a conversation. Recommended Book: “Reasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims” by Ron Rhodes.
April 25, 2012

Hell Yes, Hell No? Seminar

Bobby Conway, Lead Pastor of Life Fellowship Church and the One Minute Apologist, delivers a powerful message of the truth about Hell. This rebuttal to Rob Bell’s book Love Wins has a subtitle of “A Conversation about Love Wins, Rob Bell and why you should give a rip.”
October 6, 2012

175. Why Is It Important For Christians To Understand The Secular Landscape?

Mark Mittelberg explains to the One Minute Apologist why Christians should understand the surrounding culture.
March 16, 2013

240. How Do I Share My Faith With A Buddhist?

Bobby shares some tips about how to share Christ with a Buddhist.
October 17, 2013

367. How Do We Share The Gospel With A Close-Minded Person?

Os Guinness talks about drawing out those who are not open to the Gospel.
November 14, 2013

387. What Are 3 Tips We All Need For Evangelism?

Bobby shares the three “A’s” of evangelism.
December 2, 2013

397. What Is An Evangelist?

Dave Sterrett explains the nature of an evangelist and shares seven marks of the Gospel.
January 28, 2014

425. Where Do I Begin Evangelism With A Nonbeliever?

Brett Kunkle shares how to get the ball rolling in evangelism with non-believers.
May 20, 2016

897. What Is The Gift Of An Evangelist?

Bobby explains how some of us may not be as gifted as others when it comes to evangelism but we should all share the same burden for the lost.
May 23, 2016

898. What Is Some Practical Advice For Evangelism?

Taking from the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch, Bobby offers up some practical tips for evangelism.
May 27, 2016

900. How Do I Reach The World For Christ?

Bobby instructs us on how to avoid overwhelm from the idea of having to reach the whole world for Christ.
January 4, 2017

921. What Advice Should We Consider As Apologists?

Bobby sits down with apologist Tim Hull of Ratio Christi who gives us advice on how to approach a non-believer when sharing Christ.