October 12, 2010

The Promo – One Minute Apologist

What is apologetics? Why do we need it? This video explains our ministry and helps YOU to get your apologetical questions answered. Have a question? Let us know and it could be answered by the One Minute Apologist and other leading apologists from around the world.
November 9, 2010

61. Mike Licona – Contradictions in Bible?

Are there contradictions in the Bible, and if so, how do you explain them?
November 10, 2010

62. Mike Licona – When were Gospels Written?

Special Guest Mike Licona tells us when the Gospels were written. For more info please visit
November 10, 2010

63. Mike Licona – Biased Gospels?

Special Guest Mike Licona answers the question “Are the Gospel writers biased?” Hear Mike talk us through this idea.
November 12, 2010

64. Mike Licona – Resurrection of Jesus Book Review.

Mike Licona tells us a little about his new book “The Resurrection of Jesus”.
January 22, 2011

65. Hugh Ross – Book of Nature?

Dr. Hugh Ross explains the “Book of Nature”.
January 22, 2011

66. Hugh Ross – Scientific Evidence for Christianity

Special Guest Dr. Hugh Ross explains some scientific evidence for the Christian Faith. Learn more at
January 22, 2011

67. Marvin Olasky – The Mind

Special Guest Marvin Olasky, Editor in Chief of World Magazine, tells us the easiest way to cultivate the Christian mind in today’s world. For more info visit
January 22, 2011

68. Richard Howe – “Grand Design” Book Review

Dr. Richard Howe gives us his interpretation of Stephen Hawking’s new book “The Grand Design.
January 22, 2011

69. Ted Wright – Archeology

Ted Wright tells us the role of archeology when it comes to apologetics.
January 22, 2011

70. Ted Wright – Has archeology dis-proven the Bible?

Ted Wright joins us and answers the question “Has Archeology ever dis-proven the Bible?”
March 17, 2011

85. Norman Geisler – How I got into Apologetics.

Special Guest Dr. Norman L. Geisler joins us and tells us a little about how he got into doing apologetics over 50 years ago.