Tim Hull

March 13, 2019

What’s the Big Deal About Premarital Sex?

“I have had plenty of people say, ‘Well, what’s wrong with sex outside of marriage?’ The answer is the Bible says God invented sex as a way to say to somebody else that I belong completely and exclusively to you. So if you use sex to say something else, you […]
March 10, 2019

007. How Should I Read The Bible?

March 6, 2019

Can Marijuana Be Used Medicinally?

“I doubt that we should oppose a regulated medical use of marijuana, controlled by appropriate physician oversight and prescriptions. Many drugs are sold by prescription which, if they were abused, would be even more destructive than marijuana.” John Piper Most Christians agree that it is permissible to use certain narcotics […]
March 3, 2019

006. What Do Christians Do When Jehovah Witnesses Come Knocking?

There is a good chance you have had Jehovah Witnesses knock on your door looking to share what they believe. In this episode, Bobby discusses how to approach a conversation with them. Become a financial team member of the One Minute Apologist and get exclusive access to content on the […]
March 1, 2019

Is It Okay to Smoke Marijuana for Fun?

“Drugs will not make one’s problems disappear; they will only delay the onset of having to deal with problems and will often create more problems.” Sean McDowell In my past, I smoked plenty of marijuana, so I get the attraction. Being high feels good, and when life stinks, who doesn’t […]
February 27, 2019

Is Drinking Alcohol a Sin?

The Bible isn’t silent on the issue of drinking alcohol. A simple search and one will quickly see that the Scriptures are replete with advice about alcohol. In a nutshell, the Bible doesn’t condemn drinking, but it does condemn drunkenness. In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul writes, “Do not […]
February 24, 2019

005. How Do We Develop Apologetic Discernment?

On this week’s show, Bobby and Tim talk about ways to develop discernment as apologists. Here are helpful videos mentioned in this episode: Resurrection Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9F82BB7B8CEEEB59 Links to Trinity Videos – https://www.youtube.com/user/oneminuteapologist/search?view_as=subscriber&query=Trinity God’s Existence – https://oneminuteapologist.com/blog/does-god-exist/ Become a financial team member of the One Minute Apologist and get exclusive access […]
February 20, 2019

Will There Be Sex in Heaven?

Will there be sex in heaven? The short answer is no. But I’ve got some explaining to do, right? Okay, here are a few reasons why there won’t be sex in heaven. First, sex has a setting, a turf, or a milieu. Call it a terrain. And the stomping grounds […]
February 17, 2019

004. Answering Objections to Apologetics Ministry

If you have tried to get an apologetic ministry started in your church or if you have tried to get Christians to join you in your apologetic pursuit and have been shut down, you may have heard some of these objections.  Bobby gives us quick answers to some of the most […]
February 13, 2019

Did God Create the World to Boost His Own Glory?

“Let me be clear that of course, the Bible says it is our obligation to love, praise, and worship God, but this is a very different matter from the suggestion that God worships himself, is deeply worried about whether he has enough glory or not, and his deepest motivation for doing […]
February 13, 2019

God, Who Are You?

At the ripe old age of five, the great thirteenth-century philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas asked his teacher, “What is God?” His teacher was stumped. As a result, Thomas became a theologian to find out for himself. He didn’t think we could answer the question about God’s essence. But he […]
February 10, 2019

003. How To Get An Apologetic Ministry Started In Your Church?

Apologists are passionate about others knowing and sharing their Christian Faith.  If you have ever tried to meet with your pastor and pitched the idea of starting an apologetic ministry in your church and got shot down, this episode is for you.  With Bobby’s years of experience pastoring a large […]