026. Bobby Answers Email Questions.

Does God Approve of Homosexual Behavior?
July 17, 2019
Did Love Win in the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage?
July 24, 2019

Bobby answers 5 questions we received via email. If you have questions, please send them to ask@oneminuteapologist.com.

Question #1: If you know about Jesus Seminar do please help me.I’m in confusion. This Jesus Seminar has disturbed me a lot. Are the various methods and methodologies ( like criteria of dissimilarity, Rules of Oral evidence, Rules of written evidence and so on…) applied by the Jesus Seminar, to whether Jesus really said or not in the Bible, acceptable? Is Jesus Seminar right?

Question #2: I want to know, How did Paul defend his faith. 

Questions #3:  If we kill ourselves are we forgiven. Where’s this located in king James bible will we go to heaven

Questions #5: Should women be preaching or in leadership in the church?

Question #5:  My name is Kirk and I have been following you for years and would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your book and testimony on overcoming doubt saved me with my depressiveness.

I am new to my faith for two years now and attend Harvest OC with Greg Laurie who I’m sure you know.

I have something on my heart, it seems to be the Lord, but I’m not sure yet. I want to start making documentaries on different areas of apologetics but am wondering if millennials, I heard your podcast about them, would watch 1 and a half-hour films.

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Do you ever doubt your ability to answer bigger than life questions like, “Why do I exist? What is the purpose of life? Can I know God? If so, how? Are miracles possible? And if God exists what’s with all the evil in the world? Do questions like these ever nag at you? If so, you’ve come to the right podcast. I too am a fellow wonderer who thinks about stuff like this.


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